Improve Your Practice

My Constant Care team provides the specialized people, process and technology to deliver the patient-specific wellness, preventive care and chronic care services in your practice. Our team analyzes the data around each patient’s medical history to immediately understand what services are needed by your patients. This includes many wellness and preventive care services but, also includes the much-needed chronic care and medication management.

My Constant Care does all of the work as your practice’s dedicated care management team! We Do:


All patient interviews for wellness, preventive care and chronic care management


Creating personalized patient care plans


All patient scheduling


Providing all education materials


All monthly patient outreach for chronic care management (CCM)


Enrolling patients in chronic care management (CCM)

Improve your Patient's Health

The My Constant Care team provides individualized preventive health and chronic care services to patients through comprehensive screenings and personalized monthly patient outreach for chronic care.

Patient health and practice quality are immediately and dramatically improved when the My Constant Care team partners with a medical practice.

The My Constant Care (MCC) team individually screens each patient for preventive care and wellness services. The MCC team checks each patient’s eligibility for additional needed medical services and then adds all appropriate services and referrals to the care plan. This includes:

Closing gaps in care

Maximize MIPS and composite quality scores

Improves patient satisfaction with consistent outreach

Improves patient practice loyalty and increases appointment frequency

Increase your Practice's Revenue

Most medical practices struggle to consistently provide their patients with wellness and preventive care screenings and coaching for chronic disease.

Practitioners and staff are typically overwhelmed with their current responsibilities of seeing patients for new problems, and follow-up, how can they now provide important screenings and coaching and monthly outreach for chronic care?

My Constant Care fills these functions as an extension of your practice. My Constant Care allows the doctor and staff to optimize the physician services in the practice - seeing patients and writing prescriptions while your My Constant Care team provides all the services that can be delivered by nursing with physician oversight.

My Constant Care services bring brand new revenue - immediately. In addition, these services close gaps in care, improve quality and improve patient and physician satisfaction all at the same time! The Quadruple AIM.

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