Chronic Care Management Consists of

• 24/7 Clinical and Technical Support

• Escalation to your Primary Care Physician

• Family Member Access

• Diet Tracking

• Medication Reminders and Adherence Management


No longer do you need to be alone worrying about your health. Constant Care is always there whether it is to remind you to take your medications, track your vitals or simply providing a caring overseeing eye.

Do you have a problem with any of the following?

• Thyroid

• Heart

• Mental Health

• Respiratory

• Medication Reminders and Adherence Management


• Cancer

• Optometric

• Renal

• Bones/Joints

• Prostate

How much does it cost?

For standard Medicare recipients there is a 20% copay towards the monthly Medicare allowable of $40.39 (Medicare allowable will differ based on geographical area). That means that for less than $10 per month you can have the peace of mind to know that our trained clinical professionals are looking out for you and proactively supporting your needs every month. Some Medicare supplement plans cover 100%.

Are you a Medicare Recipient?

If you said yes to both questions you qualify. You can contact your primary care physician and ask that they refer you to Constant Care for management of your chronic conditions.

If you have multiple conditions, but are not a medicare recipient let us know who your carrier is and we will work with them on getting you covered.


How do I enroll?

When you enroll, we reach out to your doctor to make all the arrangements. We work with your doctor to provide additional services such as Advanced Care Planning, and several other services covered by Medicare.


One of our enrollment specialists will contact you to answer any questions and help you get started with Constant Care.

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