Improve the overall health and wellness of your Medicare population

What to expect


Create new revenue streams for existing patient base


Increase frequency of office visits


Facilitate better health and decrease readmissions


Identify screenings to be performed by related entities


Improve the physician’s patients health outcomes


Improve quality measure reporting

Case Studies

Out of our sample population at least half were identified as being within the fall risk category.

  • One in Three Adults 65 years + fall each year
  • 20-30% of those that fall suffer injuries, making it hard to get around, live independently or increase risk of early death.*

Over 1/3rd of this population needs help with obesity. CMS provides you the ability to counsel the patient four times per year at a billable charge of $34.00

Overview of Solutions

We offer a turnkey solutions for physicians to maximize reimbursements by initiating and/or increasing utilization of Medicare Preventative Services. Constant Care identifies at-risk populations through wellness assessments and closes gaps in care.