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Medicare has created a number of new reimbursable services; but many physicians are concerned if you have the time, staff, and technology to meet all of the requirements?


We provide a secure platform focused on integrating information between your existing EHR and our MU Certified backend database.



Constant Care delivers a turnkey solution that seamlessly embeds our technology, people, and proven methodologies into your practice. The result is increased value for your practice and patients.

No Financial Risk

We recruit, train, and manage the required medical professionals to work in your office and deliver services for your practice that create revenue, improve patient care, increase patient satisfaction, and help you qualify for QPP - MIPS.


Our patient outreach contacts your patients directly to schedule preventative services, provide information, and answer questions about preventative services.

On-site Services

Our year round on-site medical professional performs face to face Annual Wellness Visits, Advance Care Planning, Chronic Care enrollment, various screenings, and care coordination for your patients.


Care Coordination

All Constant Care services are coordinated directly with patients. Our coordination includes eligibility verification, scheduling, reminder calls, follow-up, and extends coordination to E&M visits, screening, and other services offered by your practice as a result preventative care encounters.

Custom Care Plans

Each patient is provided a custom electronic action plan consisting of medications, vitals, labs, necessary screenings, next steps, and actions needed such as diet, activities, and additional care, this information can be accessed within our system or imported into your EHR

Call Center

Patients enrolled in our CCM program have access to a 24/7 clinical call center. In addition, the call center medical team performs monthly calls to your enrolled patients. These calls focus on answering questions, collecting information relative to the patient's care plan, providing education, and helping patients stay engaged in their care.

Reduced burden on existing staff

Patient coordination, scheduling, and 24x7 call center access all reduce burden on existing staff while improving patient engagement and

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